Facial Rejuvenation

Often after losing weight or entering middle age, many parts of the body begin to sag, especially the jaw, chin and upper eyelids. Fine wrinkles appear around the eyes and mouth accelerated by smoking.

Every part of our body needs good blood circulation, moisture, free movement of fluid and ability to eliminate secretions to prevent stagnation of dampness (puffy appearance). Unlike muscles our connective tissue does not firm up with exercise, these clients need Lung, Kidney & Spleen energy tonification.

In these modern days of Botox, collagen injections and cosmetic surgery, acupuncture still stands out as a safe and long-lasting method of rejuvenating the skin. There are no side effects, no mask-like appearance and no scars.

Cosmetic acupuncture is not about beauty but about health. If our interior is balanced and we have inner contentment coupled with a nourishing diet and moderate exercise our beauty will shine through.